Jen's Joe

During this unprecedented time where we need to be hypervigilant with our interactions in our
community and with people in general, there is no need to be without Jen’s Joe. If you are out
of the area, I ship via USPS. If you are local you can order Jen’s Joe on 3 different platforms.
The first is directly through Jen’s Joe…..the instructions are below.

The second is at the Carbondale Farmer’s Market on Saturdays from 8-noon
The third is through LEAF Food Hub, a fabulous online farmers market supporting local farmers
and makers. GO to

Most people have said at one time or another, “I thought of (insert thing, idea, or solution) a
long time ago” when you saw it on TV. This has given us a gift of time….the time for innovation,
for solutions. Use this time to figure out a way so you can say, “I made (insert thing or solution)

Please stay, and keep all those who you come in contact with, healthy.

Ordering locally for pickup: You have 2 options

Option one - Call/text 618-521-2580

Option two - Use the contact page on this website

Give me your order and the date you want to pick it up*
If you need it ground what type - Fine-espresso, Medium-drip, or Coarse-French Press I’ll get back to you to give confirmation and total.

Pay through PayPal ( or Venmo (@Jennifer-LeDuc-4)
*Your order may not be available if you want it same day. It’s worth it to ask, but a day or two in advance would be appreciated.

On the pickup day:
Please call/text me your ETA.
The pickup location is the parking lot.
There will be a table with your order (weather permitting) 10+ feet from a swing where I will be hanging out.
If you are a good driver, you can pull up next to the table. Please roll down the window; I would hate it if you scratched your car.

If you are out of the area, use one of the two options above, but add the shipping address to your order.